What is Counselling?

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People experiencing times of difficulty or confusion in their lives can find it helpful to share their thoughts and feelings with another person, providing welcome comfort and solace. The therapeutic relationship offered by counselling may also enable greater insight into the issues, increase understanding of self and how we interact within our world.


Counselling is an opportunity to talk through and explore your concerns and difficult feelings.  It provides a safe and confidential space to understand where these feelings arise from and enables you to to come to terms with painful experiences and events from the past.  This understanding can help to promote change. 


People bring a wide variety of issues and problems to explore through counselling. These can include relationship difficulties, low mood or depression, anxiety, bereavement and unresolved feelings from past events. Sometimes, it is not something that can be easily labelled, but may be something as general as feelings of emptiness, isolation or aimlessness about life - just a feeling that something is not right. A confidential and trusting relationship with a counsellor may help to resolve or ease some of the feelings and emotions connected to these issues.