Is Counselling right for me?

If you are finding that you are struggling with certain emotions and feelings, or if you are asking questions about your life and what the future holds for you, then talking through things with a counsellor may help you to find some clarity. Many people may experience occasional low moods or unhappy thoughts, but if these occur more regularly or you have an ongoing sense of distress it may be appropriate for you to seek further help. One of the first indications that something is not right in your life can be that your relationships suffer. Other signs may include social withdrawal, sleep and appetite disruption, a general sense of discontent and losing interest in the things you would usually enjoy.


In order to help you decide whether counselling would be right for you, I offer an initial consultation session which gives you the opportunity to meet me and the time to ask questions without comitting yourself to anything. During this assessment I will ask some questions about you and importantly what your hopes or expectations might be from counselling. Together we can then decide what the best way forward might be for you.


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